NYFW Spring 2013 Preview, Part 1

As summer draws to a close (*sniff*) and New York Fashion Week kicks off just after Labor Day, I’ve asked a few of my favorite designers for a sneak peek at what they’ll be sending down the runway for Spring 2013. (Part two of my NYFW Preview will run next week.)

“I was inspired by the work of fellow Venezuelan Rafael Barrios. This collection, “Flowers & Satellites,” deals with the creative battle between my linear, architectural tendencies and my romantic and ethereal side.”

“The provocative voice of Egon Schiele’s work was the jumping-off point for the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. His way with composition, line, and color were nothing short of exquisite, but shocking the bourgeoisie was a theme too rich in inspiration for me to ignore. For years, I’ve been yearning to create something like this, and I feel the time was finally right. Expect collapsible structure and soft angles with variations of translucency and texture in neutral shades with swipes of chartreuse and blood orange.”

“This season I went with the concept of ‘Frank Stella meets Marilyn Monroe.’ I was really into this idea of taking two iconic American artists, having them meet, and play off of one another. The era I focused on was the late 1950s, when things started to get really bold, a little quirky, but sharp and clean. This is when we see Marilyn becoming a bit of an intellectual and Frank exploring optic, labyrinth-like shapes. The mix becomes a bit architectural but with this softness to it.”

“It started when I was reading about the Amish. It was refreshing to learn how simple their lives are compared to ours. I was also fascinated with their dependence on, and closeness to, nature. That led me to study the nature surrounding my farm upstate, and ideas for Spring 2013 Collection came out of my backyard. Colors are from a sunny day in the country: blue like the color of the sky, pink and yellow as in flowers, and lots of green.”

“This season, I was inspired by the Bloomsbury Group artists and writers: Virginia Woolf, E.M. Forster, and Vanessa Bell. There is a strong sense of folly, whimsy, and riotous color in diaphanous fabrics – done with Libertine’s spirit of humor and lightheartedness.”

“With 2013 coming up, we are obsessed with the 1950s optimism about the future. Expect galactic navy, optimistic peaches, scarlets, crepes de Chine, organzas, sheer jacquards, A-line coating, pinch-waist dresses, full skirts, and narrow shoulders.”

“Spring was inspired by travel to Mexico: colors, prints, techniques, and textures that make the eye travel and the mind wander south of the border. Colors are earthy, sultry, and bold: chocolate browns, deep navy, red, purple. Materials are light and airy. Polished nods to the Americas with hand-painted Otomi prints, silk knots, fringe knits, and lace.”

“I was inspired by the magical landscape of the American Southwest and traveling cross-country to the West side of Baja California. Think classic muscle and low-rider cars, paisleys, stripes, and disco ball-glass tiles framed by cannabis leaves. Colors are reflected in distinctive palettes: metallic car paints, grass greens, bamboo, and fuchsia. Shapes are a mix of proportions – from voluminous jackets layered with streamlined capris to halter dresses topped with paisley-print featherweight raincoats.”

“I was captivated by the images of the structured yet fluid synchronized swimmers that were popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Neoprene fabrics with original prints were created from reinvented themes of the ocean – starfish, reefs, fish scales, and water reflection. Touches of lace exhibit remnants of the sea. Stingrays also play a part, while beading has an oyster-like effect. We used the colors of the ocean – pale blues and coral pinks along with complementary pastels.”

Lauren David Peden writes for Rue La La as a Contributing Editor.


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