The Nike Bowl: Broncos vs. Seahawks Uniforms

At this point in the day, I assume you’ve talked your fair share of touchdowns and fumbles, fully (or at least partially) recovered from that buffalo-chicken dip, and watched Richard Sherman share a soft-spoken moment or two with the camera. So let’s talk more serious things. Like “The Nike Bowl.”

Seahawks Broncos Uniforms

That’s right. Last night, both teams wore Nike – and two of brand’s most significant signature designs, at that. The Denver Broncos’ orange-over-white, debuted with much fanfare in 1997, is what ESPN dubs “Old Nike.” The Seattle Seahawks’ white-over-navy? As Nike’s showcase when they took over the NFL uniform contract in 2012, they were dubbed “New Nike.” Naturally.

So who takes home the best-uniform title? Old or New? I’m staying Sweden here. Read the full scoop on ESPN, then tweet us at @ruelala and cast your vote.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor 

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