Neon & Fall: So Happy Together

While neon is commonly considered to have an exclusive relationship with summer, look around! The trees are ablaze (or, well, will soon be ablaze) with a brilliance every bit as electric as last season’s trademark tints. Yes, neon genuinely belongs to fall, and is completely fair game when it comes to style – as long as you approach it by way of details, that is.

Nails. When it comes time for a polish change, neon pink, orange, yellow, and green are all still good to go, in my book. Perhaps stay away from the orange, though, come Halloween; you may be mistaken for a trick-or-treater. (Oh wait – that would actually be fantastic.)

Denim. Opt for hues that aren’t quite electric, but still bold and beautiful. For example, a red that’s as bright as a peak-of-season leaf, or a yellow that could easily be mistaken for goldenrod.

Lips. To avoid any and all risk of neon pink-lip overkill, choose a red so strawberry bright that it’s almost a shock of pink.

Earrings. Go crazy with this one.

Wellies. There’s not a person on the planet who wouldn’t appreciate the sight of cheerful neon galoshes on an otherwise gloomy day, is there?

Bracelets. The wrist party? It has full permission to run wild all year round.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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