Music Monday: Live Session with Graffiti6


Last week, British pop/rockers of the collaboration Graffiti6 treated Rue La La staffers to an impromptu lunchtime concert. After listening to their half-hour set, we got a chance to ask lead vocalist Jamie Scott all our very pressing questions.

Rue La La: How did you and (co-collaborator) Tommy D come to join forces and create Graffiti6?
Jamie: We met for a one-off writing project in the studio one day and we clicked. From there, creating and performing together just seemed like the natural thing to do.

Rue La La: What musical influences do you pull from to create your very original sound?
Jamie: I grew up with a lot of folk music – Tommy D comes from a hip-hop and dance background. As a result, we describe our sound as a sort of psychedelic northern funk.

Rue La La: What do you hope your fans and listeners take away from your music?
Jamie: To always be positive and to remember that pain can make you stronger.

Rue La La: Who’s been your favorite artist to work with?
Jamie: My favorite sessions (outside of working with Tommy D) were actually working with two heroes of mine: Ron Sexsmith and Lewis Taylor. Everyone needs to know who they are.

Rue La La: Your album design and music videos are so visual – why is the visual aspect so important to you?
Jamie: When this collaboration started, we couldn’t put a single face or a name to it, because it didn’t solely belong to either one of us. Therefore, when we met [British artist and illustrator] Jimi Crayon, we fell in love with idea of having someone so talented and fresh bring a whole artistic element to what we were doing through the album designs and Technicolor visuals.

Rue La La: Since design and style play such a big role in your music, let’s talk personal style. How would you describe your look?
Jamie: Casual. I pretty much wear clothes I’m comfortable to move around in: jeans, baggy tees, and Converse shoes. I like a nice suit as well, for the right occasion.

Rue La La: What’s been the defining moment in your music career so far?
Jamie: We played Lowlands in Holland in front of 30,000 people about two months ago. Everyone was singing back to us, it was crazy. It was really awesome.

Rue La La: And just for fun, what’s the last song you played on your iPod?
Jamie: Neil Young, “Keep On Rocking in the Free World.”


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