Inside Rue: Mobile Apps Our Staffers are Loving

Mobile Apps

Here at Rue, we’re just a little bit attached to our smartphones – how else can you check your work email while simultaneously ordering lunch and taking pics of your coworker’s puppy, after all?

And the best part of these devices? Their oh-so-customizable nature. So, I polled our office to figure out which apps people love. Check out our very favorites:

Camera Plus“It amps up the camera that is already on my iPhone. It takes amazing pictures, has a precise focus, and there different edits that you can make to it…. Before exporting it to Instagram, obviously.” – Sarah, Jr. Designer “This app gives the best time to dash to the bathroom mid-movie — and then gives a synopsis of what was missed. So long to regrets about that large, pre-flick smoothie!” – Cassandra, Lead Copy Director

OpenTable: “Making a reservation five minutes before dining just to get my OpenTable points? Guilty. (You get $20 when you reach 2,000!)” – Joanna, Editor

Fooducate: “For anyone health-minded, this is a super interesting app. You can scan the barcode of your favorite foods, and it’ll tell you what’s really in those ingredients. It definitely makes you double-check food labels!” – Melissa, Copywriter

Voxer: Mike, VP of Audience Development and Syndication, explains that this apps turns your iPhone into a push-to-talk walkie-talkie (reminiscent of old Nextels). Because, honestly – getting a voice message beats a text every time.

Big Day Lite“This lets you have a customized countdown with picture of choice until your vacation. And after, you can upload a picture of your vaca and change settings to reflect XX days SINCE my vacation. Nice daily reminder/temporary oasis before the big day.” – Ashley, Integrated Marketing Manager

Letterpress: “A mix of SCRABBLE®, Words with Friends, and Boggle, you and a friend share a 5″ x 5″ board of letters from which you build words. After you submit your word, those tiles turn blue. Then your opponent goes, and their tiles turn pink (and maybe some of your blue tiles are now pink!). The game ends when all the tiles are used. Challenging, especially if you have a fondness for language.” – Tina, Director of Member Insights and Analytics

By Anna Kuchinsky, Staff Writer

What are your favorite mobile apps? Share them in the comments below, or tweet us at @ruelala.

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