Menswear Crib Sheet: Khaki Couture

Every guy should have a few pairs of khakis in his arsenal that he absolutely loves. When a suit is too much and jeans just won’t do, khakis are always right. We love the style so much – especially from khaki connoisseur Bills Khakis – that we’ve put some guidelines together that guys should keep in mind.

Down Memory Lane
Literally meaning “dust colored” or “earth colored,” these wardrobe staples have an earthy history. They came about when the British colonial army decided to darken their white uniforms to disguise their inevitable soiling.

Color Me Pretty
Not just for Nantucket, colored khakis add an interesting edge. Pastels work for summer (especially when paired with gingham shirts). Olives and other darker hues are perfect for winter.

The Long & Short Of It
The verdict is still out, but one thing is for sure in the cuff world: slightly too short is always better than slightly too long. Paired with boat shoes or worn-in oxfords, the look reads relaxed and refined.

On The Right Foot
Always wear khaki-colored socks, but both brown and black shoes work (same is true for belts). We love oxfords for the office and boat shoes for weekend wear.

Flat-Out Stylish
A flat front keeps the look modern. The slightly higher rise is universally flattering and makes for streamlined silhouette. If you’re a pleat devotee, go for a single pleat that runs the length of the leg, which elongates the silhouette.

Our Bills Khakis Boutique opens Sunday, December 11, 2011 at 11AM ET.




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