How a Shirt Should Fit: An Expert Shares His Tips

Face it. Loose and bunching shirts have no place in a man’s wardrobe. But how do I get that right fit, you ask? We consulted Boston Magazine‘s 2013 Best of Boston winner, Jerry of Jerry’s Custom Tailoring and Alterations, to find out.

How a Men's Shirt Should Fit

  1. “Your cuff should hit right below the wristbone. If you’re wearing a jacket, expose 1/4 – 1/2 inch of cuff.”
  2. “When buttoned, the collar should sit only a fingerbreadth away from your neck.”
  3. “Line up the shoulder seam directly with the bone at the edge of your shoulder.”
  4. “Make sure the shirt is cut close to the chest, but not so tight it binds or pulls.”

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By Chrissy Makkas, Staff Writer

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