Men, Take Note: How to Dress for Not-Quite-Sweater Weather

Guys, we’re officially in that weird time of year. When it doesn’t feel like summer anymore, but fall isn’t quite here either. Your sweaters are probably still packed away (that is, if you managed to store them somewhere to begin with), but you can get by a little longer without them. How? Some light layering. Here’s what you’ll need.

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Hooded Jacket: In a dark hue – think charcoal, navy, or black – this can be your go-to layering piece as far as casual outerwear is concerned. If you’re not suiting up at work, throw this on for the commute. If you are suiting up, save this jacket for the weekend.

Sport Coat: Not only does the sport coat instantly sharpen any ensemble, it also provides that covert extra dose of warmth. Pick a plaid or tweed version and everyone will assume you’re ahead of the fall fashion curve. Bonus? You can shrug the coat off and sling it over the shoulders of a shivering lady friend. Instant hero status, achieved.

Button-Down: Yes, the button-down is a year-round staple, but it’s also an integral layering piece. You can wear it under your hooded jacket or sport coat, or on its own. And if you have a dark button-down like the plaid version shown above, you can easily sport a heat-trapping undershirt – and no one will be the wiser.

Thermal Shirt: This cotton shirt is inherently casual, so don’t plan on putting it into heavy rotation at work. Instead, save it for watching Sunday football with the guys. And if you’re looking for something to layer over your button-down, take the plunge – upgrade to cashmere.

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By Chrissy Makkas, Staff Writer

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