Learn How to Roll Your Sleeves in 3 Easy Steps

Rolled sleeves don’t just happen – they’re a deliberate choice. Maybe you want to show off your forearms. Maybe you want to exude laid-back confidence. Or maybe you’re overheating and trying to get some air however possible. Whatever the goal, there are right and wrong ways to roll the sleeve of your button-front. Here, our Rue Men’s general manager, Mark, shares the method to achieving his own go-to roll.

How to Roll Your Sleeves

Step 1: With all of the buttons undone, fold your shirtsleeve up so the bottom of the cuff sits just above the elbow.

Step 2: From the bottom, fold the leftover fabric up and over the cuff – leaving about 1/4 inch of the cuff exposed at the top for contrast. Make sure to roll all the way around your arm.

Step 3: Adjust as necessary. The end result shouldn’t be too pristine. The goal is to look effortless, not contrived.

The roll to avoid? The so-called flying nun – an unbuttoned cuff that wings out when rolled up just once.

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By Chrissy Makkas, Staff Writer

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