Meghan Markle's Facialist Says This DIY Face Mask Is The Key To Glowy Skin
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Meghan Markle’s Facialist Says This DIY Face Mask Is The Key To Glowy Skin

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Imagine a world in which you can shuffle into your tiny kitchenette in fuzzy socks and a bathrobe, grab a cereal bowl, a spoon, and a jar of coconut oil, and walk away 11 minutes later with a Duchess of Sussex-level glow — spending zero dollars and saving your precious Sephora points in the process. Celebrity facialist Nichola Joss says it’s possible.

Joss, the expert behind the complexions of seemingly poreless, aging-in-reverse stars like Priyanka Chopra, Meghan Markle, and Gwyneth Paltrow, tells us that the humble DIY face mask is every A-lister’s best-kept skin secret. “At-home face masks are amazing, and I fully endorse them,” she says. “They’re easy, free, and you have full control of the ingredients you’re putting on your skin — which is why most of my clients love them.”

Ahead, Joss breaks down the five universal kitchen-pantry ingredients that double as brightening, soothing, and exfoliating skin-care essentials — all of which you can grab for $3 at your corner store and also eat for breakfast. You may not be royalty, but you are resourceful.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is multifunctional — you can slather a little on your skin and hair for a boost of tropical-scented moisture, and then pop a dollop in your sauté pan on stir-fry night. Joss tells us that it also makes the perfect base for a DIY mask. “It mixes well with other ingredients to create a soothing, paste-like consistency,” she says.


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Look to your spice drawer for inspiration — Joss recommends reaching for the turmeric. “Turmeric is an amazing ingredient with a lot of skin benefits; it’s calming and helps relieve inflammation and congestion,” she says. “Turmeric mixed with coconut oil is a simple recipe that works to both brighten and hydrate the skin.”



Rolled oats are more than just a classic breakfast staple: In raw form, a scoop can double as an exfoliating face scrub. “Oats act as a gentle physical exfoliant and work wonders on the skin when blended with a liquified base like coconut oil or honey,” Joss tells us.


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You can drizzle a spoonful of honey over a bowl of Greek yogurt and drip a little into a mixing bowl and rub it onto your face to soothe dry or irritated skin. Joss recommends the two-part concoction of oats and raw manuka honey blended together to create an easy soothing and exfoliating face mask.

Egg Whites

If you’re into K-beauty trends, you may have tried a skin-care product — mousse cleansers, masks, or skin primer — with an egg beater on the label. It’s not as wacky as it sounds: For years, the humble egg (specifically the white part) has been tapped for its albumin, a protein that can also be used to tighten pores and clear blackheads. “Egg whites help with brightening the skin,” Joss says. Plus, when you crack open a farm-fresh egg, you know you’re getting the most naturally-derived skin-brightening benefits.

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