Meet Our Social Correspondents

Rue’s Facebook page just got a facelift. It’s everything we loved before, but now with an extra Rue twist. Our favorite part? Rue’s all new Social Correspondents. Fans will now get a glimpse into the stylish lives – in and out of the office – of six Rue Associates on the move: Chris, Katie, Allison, Jody, Colin, and Amy. These insiders will show Fans what goes down on the other side of the screen.

Other Facebook perks that we’re loving: Rue-isms to pass onto friends, lots of behind-the-scene video, fun quotes, and more. So be sure to like us on Facebook and say hello to our Social Correspondents. And if you’re a Twitter lover (like we are), follow the whole crew:

Chris: @rue_chris
Allison: @rue_allison
Jody: @rue_jody
Colin: @rue_colin
Amy: @rue_amyb
Katie: @rue_katie

We can’t wait to get your take. Tell us how you like our refreshed Facebook page and say hello to the Social Correspondents.


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