Pack Like a Pro: 3 Ways to Maximize Your Suitcase Space

The busiest – ahem, most wonderful – time of the year is upon us. Which means one thing: you’ll most likely be traveling. Whether heading off for a weekend to escape the crazy holiday hustle or preparing to visit relatives across the country, these tips will help you hone your packing prowess. Just in the nick of time.

Pack Like a Pro: 3 Ways to Maximize Suitcase Space

  1. Lay out all of your outfits, then roll each together. They’ll stay wrinkle-free and you won’t have to go digging for different pieces.
  2. Save old dry-cleaning bags to separate layers of clothing. The plastic reduces friction between garments so wrinkles and messy suitcases aren’t an issue.
  3. Keep the heaviest items toward the wheel side of your suitcase. When you prop it upright, they won’t crush your clothing.

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By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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