Mani Monday: Nautical Nails


Beaches, barbecues, and fruity beverages – that pretty much sums up my agenda for the Fourth of July weekend. And this year, I’m letting my fingers get in on all the festive action with this easy-to-recreate nautical manicure. To do it yourself, simply check out the steps below.

What You’ll Need:

  • White nail polish
  • Colorful Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens (I used blue for the anchor and red for the nautical steering wheel)
  • Clear top coat

The How-To:

  1. Paint your nails with two coats of the white polish and let dry completely.
  2. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to create the perfect anchor with the blue nail pen.
  3. For the nautical steering wheel, take the red nail pen and draw a circle in the center of your nail.
  4. Inside of the circle, draw an asterisk (*).
  5. To complete the wheel, add little dashes outside of the circle.
  6. If you want to be extra adventurous, use a gold nail pen to draw a thin curvy line across each finger for a nautical rope.
  7. Finish with a clear top coat.

By Carolyn Schultz, Staff Writer

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