Fact or Fiction? 5 Manicure Myths Debunked

Do you really need to keep your polish in the fridge? Does eating Jell-O actually make your nails stronger? We investigated some of the nail world’s most-shared tips – and separated fact from fiction.



1. Storing nail polish in the fridge is the only way to make it last longer. 
Fiction. Keeping your polish in the fridge for a long time will slow the thickening of the polish, making it stay fresh longer. But tightening the tops of the polishes and storing them upright in a cool place will also keep polish fresh. So save the fridge space for fruits and vegetables.

2. Submerging your nails in ice water will make the nail polish dry faster.
Fact. True story. Finally, no more endless waiting for nails to dry. After painting your nails, allow them to air-dry for a few minutes, and then run your nails under cold water for 2 – 4 minutes. The cold water will freeze and seal the nail polish quickly. 

3. Eating gelatin will help your nails stay healthier longer. 
Fiction. Gelatin is made of processed collagen – essentially protein – which can help strengthen parts of your body. But since nails are made from keratin, not gelatin, loading up on bowls of candy corn this Halloween won’t help your nails. It will just give you a stomachache.

4. You don’t need a base coat and top coat.
Fiction. In short, this is false. Think of the base coat as face primer. It prepares the surface for what’s about to come, protecting the nail from becoming stained. The top coat works as a safeguard, preventing chips and keeping your manicure looking fabulous. Use them both. 

5.  Painting your nails outside causes bubbles.
Fact (kind of). Painting your nails outside when it is warm, or if your body temperature is high, can cause your nail polish to bubble. Don’t let your hard work go to waste. Paint in a cool place or run your hands under cold water for a few seconds before you start painting.

By Carolyn Schultz, Staff Writer

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