The Nail Files: 10 Unconventional Ways To Use Polish

Sure, nail polish does wonders for our tips. But this beauty accessory can offer much more than sparkly nails – just check out the list below.BLG-Mani-Monday-8

Take Away Tarnish
Cocktail rings dazzle up any outfit, but that green ring they can leave on your skin? Not so cute. Layer a few coats of clear nail polish onto the inner part of your ring to prevent unsightly tarnishing.

Repair Ripped Stockings
It’s the night of a party and, just your luck, there’s a rip in your stockings. Fear not. Grab some nail polish, dab it on the tear, and let it air-dry to keep tights from running any further.

Secure Buttons
When there’s no time to sew that loose jacket button, place a drop of clear polish on the center of the button to keep it from falling off.

Stop Scuffing
Out of shoe polish? Simply cover up scratches and scuffs with a nail polish that matches your shoe’s leather.

Spruce Up Jewelry
So over your old bubble necklace? Give it a fresh new look by painting the cabochons with your favorite polish color.

Fix Laces
When shoelaces start fraying, dip the ends into clear nail polish and voilà – good as new.

Smooth Wooden Hangers
Smooth away rough edges on clothes hangers with a little clear polish. See? Now you have a snag-free wardrobe.

Seal Envelopes
Big party planned? Rather than lick a million envelopes, pick up some clear polish and use it to secure the adhesive. Your tongue will thank you.

Tame Fabric
Frayed fabric on clothes can be a drag. To keep those stragglers from reappearing, trim the excess thread and place clear polish on the fabric ends.

Keep Labels Smudge-Free
Looking to organize your your medicine cabinet? Brush a little clear nail polish over important labels (from shampoos to prescription bottles) to keep them totally readable and smudge-proof.

By Carolyn Schultz, Staff Writer

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