Life in the (Shopping) Fast Lane: Mall Introduces Walking Lanes

We know the situation all too well: It’s the night of an event, and you realize you have nothing to wear. Which means you need to head to mall and find a dress – fast. The only thing standing in your way? The dreaded slow shopper. Well, until now.

Mall Shopping Lanes

Image via The Mirror

You see, ten-year-old Chloe Nash-Lowe hates slow shoppers, but instead of complaining about it, she decided to take action. According to ELLE and The Mirror, Chloe’s teacher asked her to write a formal letter to a public figure or company about something she’d like to see changed. Chloe decided to write to her local mall. “I am incredibly disappointed by people walking around your shopping centre – it annoys me so bad I want to scream,” she wrote. “You should stop people walking slow as people are in a rush for work and this could cause people being late.” Sensing the great PR opportunity, Chloe’s local mall decided to try her suggested shopping lanes on a trial basis.

The result? Still TBD. But personally, I’m impressed with Chloe’s determination to improve the lives of shoppers everywhere, and think we could all take a page from this passionate fifth-grader’s notebook.

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By Mairead McGonagle, Staff Writer

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