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13 Male Beauty Bloggers You Should Be Following Now

StyleCaster | Katie Stanovick

The job of a beauty blogger is challenging and it gets no easier if you’re a guy. For as long as we can remember, society has deemed cosmetics a signifier of femininity, which means men have been conditioned to think they can’t don beauty products (ahem, gender roles and toxic masculinity at its finest).

Thankfully, the men of today are taking a stand and embracing their passion for beauty and makeup, proving that eye shadow and lipstick aren’t just for the ladies. Whether they’re fronting global cosmetic campaigns or flaunting their skills on Instagram, these male beauty bloggers are serving majors looks and rejecting society’s antiquated norms.

We’ve gathered the burgeoning and classic ones you should be following because frankly, beauty has no gender, and we could learn a thing or two from these lads.

Lewys Ball

18-year-old new kid Lewys gives tips for bold brows and killer highlight.

Gabriel Zamora

Longtime beauty guru Gabriel makes sure his followers know they can always be themselves.


Croatian drag queen Moonia serves dangerous looks in her persona.

Arabia Felix

Arabia does beauty and drag makeovers that will convince you gender has no bounds.

Thomas Shalbert

If you need some sass in your life, follow Thomas and his pout for major glam inspo.


This femme fatale pushes boundaries of makeup and should definitely be on your feed.

James Charles

His boundary-breaking CoverGirl commercials prove why he’s a must-follow blogger.

David Sternberg

21-year-old David experiments with wild colors and designs that might spur your imagination, too.

Patrick Starrr

Demigod Patrick Starrr is a longtime beauty blogger you won’t regret following.

Sebastian Regium

We think Sebastian is going to make a big name for himself with his soft makeup looks and amazing techniques.

Bretman Rock

Besides he fabulous makeup look, Bretmen offers comedy and truth to his 8.7 million followers.

Reuben De Maid

The youngest of them all, at 12 years old, Reuben made his worldwide beauty debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Manny Gutierrez

Last but not least: Manny Mua, who gives amazing insight for beauty and personal expression.

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