The Fab Four: Roberto Szerer of LUXEDH Talks Designer Handbags

Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Balenciaga, Hermès – consider these names the fab four of handbag designers. From their sought-after silhouettes to the have-to-have-them labels, Roberto Szerer of LUXEDH talks details. Having trouble seeing your life without one? Snap them up in our From the Reserve: Handbags by Louis Vuitton & More Boutique.

Rue La La: You’ve seen your fair share of designer handbags. How can you tell the real from the knockoffs?
Roberto: Over the years, our authenticators have acquired these skills by looking at thousands and thousands of what is real and what is a knockoff. The authenticity of a handbag is determined by many factors, among them certain aspects of bags like serial numbers, date codes, materials, hardware, and other criteria like patterns of leather, etc.

RLL: These bags are carry-everywhere treasures. How can we make sure they’ll last?
Roberto: There are many excellent products on the market like leather conditioners, hardware cleaners, strap replenishers, etc. But the most important is to treat your bag like a jewel. Don’t put it on the floor and always keep it in its dust bag.

RLL: Let’s talk gifting. What bag is everyone scooping up for the holidays?
Roberto: People go crazy for the Hermès Birkin, Kelly, and Evelyne. In Chanel, all the quilted flap bags. And as always, everything Louis Vuitton. Seasonal colors are always hot sellers for the holidays, like black, brown, and beige.

RLL: How often do you get new items in (for all us last-minute shoppers)?
Roberto: Our site is constantly updated with new arrivals. We can’t get them up fast enough!

RLL: Where do you find all these gorgeous handbags?
Roberto: Everywhere! Celebrities, professionals, housewives, collectors, estates, consignment shops, you name it. Most of our bags come to us from handbag fanatics that have extra purses in their closets and want to get instant cash toward their future purchases.

RLL: Do you have a favorite designer or handbag design aesthetic?
Roberto: Louis Vuitton Mahinas and Hermès Birkins are my favorites. They are very special, show class and beauty, and really express love for fine luxury goods.

Our From the Reserve: Handbags by Louis Vuitton & More Boutique opens Sunday, October 28, at 11AM ET.

 By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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