Local Style: Tova Bonem of Rue Los Angeles

Rue Los Angeles

The City of Angels just got even more chic. Rue Los Angeles is (officially) here and giving you access to Los Angeles’s hotspots, must-sees, and can’t-live-withouts. In honor of our California debut, we sat down with our very fashionable L.A. General Manager, Tova Bonem, to chat about local vintage treasures, the five stores every style-setter has to visit, and what she’s doing when the 405 shuts down.

Rue La La: Describe L.A.’s style.
Tova: Casual chic that defies the mundane. Personal style that combines femininity with a splash of youth. No set formula.

Rue La La: L.A. is known for its legions of sartorial masters. Any tricks for navigating the stands at the famed summer fleas (Rose Bowl in Pasadena or Long Beach’s antique market)?
Tova: Plan to get there early and be discerning, but have an open mind – the treasure you’ll find may be not the one you were looking for.

Rue La La: Which five stores are essential for an all-out L.A. shopping crawl?
Tova: So many! The best strategy is to hit every cluster of big-name glamour designers and small independent stars of the future on Robertson Boulevard, Melrose Place, Abbot Kinney, Malibu Country Mart, Montana Avenue, Brentwood Country Mart, and Rodeo Drive.

Rue La La: What are some can’t-miss local secrets our Members have to know about?
Tova: Brunch at Café Figaro! Bar Covell is a new little Los Feliz gem and a must for all wine and cheese aficionados, Jet Suite is stylish, fun, and affordable jetting to Vegas, and Dragan Mrdja is a visionary cobbler and designer.

Rue La La: Tell us about a style moment that made you say, “That’s so L.A.”
Tova: Seeing Diane Von Furstenberg wearing her bright and beautiful dress at the downtown Urth Caffé … so unexpected!

Rue La La: You’ve lived in L.A. for eight years – what inspires your personal style?
Tova: Coco Chanel mixed with Alexander McQueen. The mood, where I’m going, who I’ll be seeing that day all factor in.

Rue La La: Are there any treasured items in your closet? What are their stories?
Tova: A vintage, chocolate brown Hermès Kelly bag that I found at a flea market in New York. I went with a “team,” (my girlfriends and I are know as the “Eagle Eye Trio”) and the bag wasn’t really on display – it was facing backwards, but I’d know that shape in my sleep!

Rue La La: What would you miss most if you left L.A.?
Tova: The weather, lifestyle, and great hair days!

Rue La La: What are you going to do when the 405 shuts down?
Tova: Take the Metro to LACMA to check out the Tim Burton exhibit, and stay poolside.


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