Little Rue is Coming Soon: Party Edition

Little Rue Kids

We love ourselves a good party, and with the launch of Little Rue coming soon, we decided a bash was long overdue. So, last week we did it up big, small-fry style, inviting all associates and their very own stylish mini-me(s). And this shindig came complete with ice cream and jars stocked with candy. Before all the sugar comas kicked in, we asked our pint-sized partygoers to tell us what their ultimate back-to-school outfit would be. Check out some of our favorite answers below, then tell us how your tiny tykes will be dressing.

“Vans that I designed.” – Ethan, age 9

“A princess dress.” – Bobbi, age 5

“My bathing suit.” – Sam, age 9

“All green!” – Amelia, age 9

“My L.A. Dodgers T-shirt.” – Peter, age 8

“A dress and my sparkly shoes.” – Lilly, age 7

“A shirt with spikes on it!” – Will age 7 1/2

“A monkey suit!” – Shane, age 10


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