Little Rue Roundtable: Meet The Experts


Parenting waters can be tricky to navigate, and no one knows this better than our Little Rue Roundtable panel of experts. Tune in to our Facebook page at 1PM ET on Tuesday, November 8, 2011 to hear from them all.

Lisa Gatto, Toddler Development Specialist, Isis Parenting
A graduate of Wheelock’s Child Life Specialist program, Lisa worked for several years at Boston Children’s Hospital helping children cope with their hospital stay and medical treatments using therapeutic play. As the program lead for Child Development at Isis Parenting, Lisa oversees a dozen different programs for children 6 – 36 months and their caregivers. When not at Isis Parenting, she’s busy singing pop tunes in the minivan with her daughters, ages seven and nine.

“Focus on your own child; don’t compare them to others or compare yourself to other parents. You’re the one in the day-to-day and you know your child best. In the end, the answer to how to react to a situation has to be yours. You know what’s best for your child.”

Nancy Holtzman, Infant Developmental Specialist, Isis Parenting

Nancy is a registered nurse and board-certified lactation consultant who has helped several thousand new parents in the Boston area adjust to life with their baby. One of the original founders of Isis eight years ago, she helped develop and shape the program areas that the company is known for: prenatal education, breastfeeding support, new parent support, child development and fitness & wellness. She has a seventeen-year-old daughter and a fourteen-year-old son.

“Babies are very resilient, and there are few mistakes a parent can make that can’t be un-made. Before we had carseats, before we had the wheel, before we had fire, we had babies. And we still survived as a species.”

Andrew Sokatch, “Time for Dads” Instructor at Isis Parenting
Andy has a PhD in social policy and children’s welfare and has worked with children in many capacities — from teaching summer camp to university students. Currently VP of Research at Teach For America, he focuses on educational equity both at work and in day-to-day life. He likes to cook and hang out with his Little Brother, whom he’s mentored for 11 years. Andy has a four-and-a-half-year-old son and a six-week-old daughter — and dreams of one day getting more sleep.

“There’s research that explains that what happens to a child during the first three to five years of their life will impact them forever — and that’s a daunting concept — but all it takes is one or more loving adults and the child will develop fine. All they need is a loving environment.”

Meredith Tedford, Founder and Publisher,
With a background in advertising and education, Meredith has worked in educational television, and has taught preschool, mommy-and-me, and baby yoga classes. After quitting her successful advertising job to stay at home with her oldest son, she became what she calls a chronic “joiner,” involved in PTO and numerous charitable organizations, all while helping her husband create a new company. She has three children: two sons (twelve and six), and a nine year-old daughter.

“No matter what kind of day you’ve had, always sneak into your kids’ room at night while they’re sleeping and just look at them. It always makes you feel better.”

Jamie Wallace, Editor,
As a marketer, writer, and multi-faceted blogger, Jamie shares her thoughts on many topics including (of course) being a mom. As a single mom of a “seven year old going on seventeen,” she often talks about the silver linings that are sometimes hard to see right away. She’s a student of voice (with dreams of an all-woman band one day) when she’s not taking trapeze lessons with her daughter.

“All parents should forget the books and follow their intuition. Don’t stress about what’s wrong and right. Really just try to be in the moment and react as best you can with as much care and love as you can.”

Jody Rose, Moderator, Mom, Rue Local Director National Brand Partners, and Rue La La Social Correspondent
In her post at Rue, Jody’s primary role is leading brand relationships with a focus on driving new customer acquisition for national partners. Currently, Jody serves on the board of directors for My Sister’s Keeper, a humanitarian organization focused on educating and financially empowering women in Sudan. During her spare time, Jody enjoys volunteering, snowboarding, traveling, cooking, and most importantly, spending time with her husband, T.J. and their son T.J. III.

“Never compare your child to anyone else, and enjoy what makes them unique.”

Let us know your parenting questions and be sure to tune into the panel on Facebook on November 8.


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