Light Layers: Go on, Wear Cashmere in the Summer

Think cashmere can only be worn in winter? It’s time to bust that myth. Spun from the softest yarn known to man, this luxurious fabric can be enjoyed year-round. (Yes, even in summer.) Just take these tips into consideration before layering it on.

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1. The lighter the better.
Lightweight cashmere does exist (go for two-ply fabrics to ensure strong but thin fibers). Throw a cardi over almost anything to beat office-A/C chill.

2. Think short sleeves.
A super-soft tee? Sign us up. Cashmere comes in all shapes and sizes, even T-shirts and tanks. When it’s just too hot to think about covering up, this is the best option.

3. Blend it.
Cashmere blends feel just as luxurious in the season’s heat. Go for a mix of cotton or silk for the coolest combos.

4. Inject some color.
Have fun with it. Whether with pastels or brights, this is the time of year to go bold.

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By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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