Let It Rue: Members Dish on their Holiday Traditions

We at Rue La La believe it’s the personal touches that make the holidays so special. So we asked how you’re “Letting It Rue” this season. Here, some of your special holiday traditions.

Heather Z Christmas Eve: Chinese takeout for dinner, watching old home movies and reading T’was the Night Before Christmas.

Pamela S – Starting a new one this year – instead of exchanging gifts we will be collecting donations and giving to families that would otherwise not have a Christmas.

Stephanie H – Watching Christmas movies with my cousins in matching PJs, drinking hot cocoa & only lights are fire & tree.

Lindsey N – Pierogi!

Nicole R – Stuffed Baked French Toast for breakfast on Christmas. Make it the day before and leave it in the fridge so there is more time for fun Christmas morning.

Jenna D – Every year we get the ugliest Christmas tree we can find, it’s awesome!

Don N – Going for a three-hour hike right after the turkey goes into the oven so when we get back tired and cold, the house is warm and filled with the delightful smell of roasted turkey! Yum!

Colette M – We cook a big Scottish breakfast!

Eftihia S – Roasted chestnuts, fresh bread out of the oven, hot soup, and a crackling fire.

Kirby W – Each year since before my parents were married (37 years ago) he made an ornament for her, and then one each for my brother and I every year since we were born, signifying something significant that happened in our lives that year. Each is remarkably detailed, made with scraps of wood or random household items, and so incredibly perfect for that person, that year. He died in May, and it will be both heartbreaking and a gift from the past to open up those ornaments this year.

Armanda C – To drink eggnog and kiss under the mistletoe.

Kristina J – Shopping in NY!

Derrick B Gingerbread house making with my grandparents!

Alina D – One is definitely not enough to write about Christmas tradition in my country but personally my favorite one is that you have to prepare one plate more, during Christmas dinner, in case someone will come to your house (means for me that your house and heart is open and you’ll help if something will happen).

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