Lena Dunham Is About to Prove She’s Just “Not That Kind of Girl”

If you’re anything like me, it’s almost like Lena Dunham – a.k.a. Hannah Horvath – is speaking directly to you via her HBO original series, Girls. She can’t pay rent? You can’t pay rent. (Well, sometimes.) Ups and downs with your best friend? Preaching to the choir. And now, us just-like-me fans can connect with Dunham through a whole new medium: a book.

Lena Dunham

 Image via Flickr

That’s right. When not posing for Vogue or channeling her inner Brooklynite, the do-it-all millennial has been hard at work putting her far-beyond-her-years wisdom down on paper.

According to Entertainment Weekly, her book, Not That Kind of Girl, will hit shelves October 7. And in perfect 20-something fashion, Dunham broke the important news via Instagram, showing off her 60s retro-inspired cover (think Valley of the Dolls). “This book contains stories about wonderful nights with terrible boys and terrible days with wonderful friends, about ambition and the two existential crises I had before the age of 20,” shared Dunham.

Since I’m pretty sure I’m nearing a quarter-life crisis as we speak, you can bet I’ll be preordering this as soon as my iPhone® will let me.

Read the full article on Entertainment Weekly.

By Mairead McGonagle, Staff Writer

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