Back to Black: Laura Prepon Returns for Season 2 of Orange Is the New Black

We all have an ex we love to hate, and that drives-you-crazy dynamic is one of the many factors that has me addicted to Orange Is the New Black. The memoir-based Netflix series stars Taylor Schilling as a privileged, preppy 30-something who’s serving time in the same women’s prison as her former flame, bad girl Alex Vause (played to despicable perfection by Laura Prepon), for a drug-trafficking attempt gone wrong a decade earlier.

Laura Prepon
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While Schilling’s character, Piper, is undoubtedly intended to be the show’s heroine, its writers succeeded in making Prepon’s Vause a figure who, no matter how hard you try not to be, you’re always excited to see on screen. So, when rumors started swirling that Prepon wouldn’t return for the show’s much-anticipated second season, I was relieved and outraged at the same time. Sure, there would be no more of that nasally, monotone voice to deal with, but, more importantly, who would be there to stir up the fun-to-see scrappier side of Schilling’s character? Love her or hate her, however, it has been confirmed that Prepon will be back, and I have to admit – I can’t wait.

Read more on Prepon’s return at US Weekly.

By Lindsay Lambert, Editor

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