Launched into the Stratosphere!


Native Rose by Kathy Rose

After the finale of Launch My Line, we sat down with winner Kathy Rose to talk about her new line, Native Rose (sold only on Rue La La!). Light the sage and take a peek at this woman of style, substance, bright lipstick, and positivity.

Rue La La: Have you always loved jewelry and clothes?
Kathy: Ever since I was little, I was obsessed with the encyclopedia, especially the “Gs” and looking at gems! I lived in Iran, where I saw saffron and lapis. Those colors! And I always loved clothes. I’ve worked with amazing stylists, beautiful people like Rachel Zoe, and huge couture designers. When Launch My Line came along, I thought “Okay, I’ll try this,” and then it was “Omigod, I made it onto the show.” And, “I made it to the finale.” I am so grateful.

Rue La La: What are your favorite looks in your line?
Kathy: The first dress I designed, the saffron-colored dress. It’s sentimental. You can wear it barefoot on a beach. You can wear it to a black tie wedding. And my daughter’s name is Saffron. The black jumpsuit – just timeless, timeless insanity! And the sleeveless jacket. Anyone can wear it.

Rue La La: Who do you see rocking your Native Rose looks?
Kathy: I loved seeing all the girls come out – Latina, Asian, African-American. My friend who just had a baby can wear these dresses (with the right bra!). Anyone with confidence can. They’re really not too trendy. They’re timeless. And the prices on Rue La La! They’re great.

Rue La La: What are the wardrobe elements you personally can’t live without?
Kathy: I have a yellow shirt Emil [her Launch My Line design partner] made me that I just love. My classic jeans. And the pieces I designed, I really would wear myself.

Rue La La: Some super famous people have worn your jewelry – Angeline Jolie, Kate Hudson, Penélope Cruz. Are there celebrities you would love to see wearing your clothing line?
Kathy: Madonna has one of my snakes and a really beautiful cross I designed. She’s got that little, petite, gorgeous body, and I’d love to put a jumpsuit on her! Fergie was on the show, and was just so beautiful. She loved my black dress.

Rue La La: And are you inspired by celebrities and other strong women?
Kathy: Yes, Millicent Rodgers from the 40s – her mix of style from that era with Navajo jewelry. Carolyn Bessette – she was so beautiful, effortless, and refined. My mom, growing up – electric blues, grays, silver. I love couture, but with spice – that shaman couture. And I’m inspired by the frequencies of really good human beings. Everything I design has a heartbeat.

Rue La La: How have you celebrated your victory?
Kathy: It really hit us only after the finale! I had a glass of champagne. Emil brought me roses. I got so many emails, friends asking how they could get onto Rue La La. It feels like the world is my oyster – I really can’t believe I won!


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