Get Out of Here: Last-Minute Suitcase Essentials

With end-of-summer blues looming, I constantly daydream about playing hooky from work for an impromptu long weekend away (sorry, boss). I’m talking about jumping in my nonexistent car, driving with the windows down, and belting out my favorite songs before settling into an adorable B&B by the beach. In preparation for just such an occasion, I’ve made this list of last-minute must-haves:

Maxi Dress – when trips are this spur of the moment, there’s a good chance there is no plan. Grab a maxi dress; it’s good for beach walking, shopping, date night, dancing – pretty much everything, depending on how you accessorize it.

Camera – be it digital, Polaroid (my personal favorite), or camera phone, just make sure you have something to capture every minute. The secret is to keep a steady snapping pace. Catch people when they’re not paying attention, take some while you’re driving (only if it’s safe). The idea is to have plenty of images to choose from when you craft your post-trip scrapbook.

Carry-All Tote – when in doubt, bring the biggest bag you own. Roomy enough to fit all your touristy finds (who doesn’t need another “I heart (destination)” T-shirt?), you’ll need something that can handle everything. It can also fit a dainty box clutch to swap out for late-night activities.

Toiletry Bag – probably the most important of the essentials. Make sure to include deodorant, a toothbrush, floral perfume, and bobby pins (you know you lose them, everywhere). I also suggest tossing in that made-for-you red lipstick. With practically no effort, it infuses any day look with evening-worthy glam.

By Abigail Kuzia, Editor

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