Meet the Chef: Stéphane Beaucamp of Lake Austin Spa Resort

Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin, Texas, is a health and wellness resort with an incredible spa – and equally incredible cuisine. Led by French chef Stéphane Beaucamp, locally sourced ingredients find their way into good-for-you meals that taste indulgent (but without the post-dinner guilt). I caught up with Chef Stéphane to find out what brought him to Texas, his favorite thing about working for Lake Austin, and where to sit for the best view.


First off, what was the best meal you’ve ever eaten and where?
Pierre Gagnaire’s restaurant at Hotel Balzac in Paris. The whole seven-course menu was amazing.

Sounds delicious! Now how did you end up in Austin, Texas?
My chef’s life was crazy in Los Angeles and I wanted to have more time with my 10-year-old boy, Alex. I also wanted to stop running multiple places and focus on one that matched my lifestyle. The Lake Austin Spa Resort was the place, and that’s how I ended up here.

What’s your favorite part about working for Lake Austin Spa Resort?
The cooking class. I like the special connection that you have with the guests and how you can change their views about cooking and eating healthy.

Is there a must-try meal on the resort’s menu?
The halibut with farro, black rice, and tangerine reduction is great, or our buffalo-Parmesan burger with caramelized fennel for lunch.

You’ve previously cooked for high-profile celebs like Elton John and Nicole Kidman. How did you handle the pressure?
Being a chef, you better handle stress and pressure, because it’s your everyday life! But organization and the right staff are the keys.  Also long, sleepless nights, going over each event to make sure everything is perfect.

What’s your favorite thing to do at Lake Austin? (Besides eat, of course.)
Well I love the cooking classes, but besides that, my favorite thing to do is pick herbs and vegetables from the garden.

So what do you cook (or eat) when you’re not working at Lake Austin?
I love Mexican food and Japanese food. It’s always simple, clean, and really quick.

For those trying to eat healthy while on vacation, what advice would you give them?
Lot of fruits, vegetables, and portion control. Eat fresh and real, but if you do eat in excess, get up early and go for a good run!

We like a good view. Where’s the best seat in the restaurant?
We have a table on one of the docks that makes for the best private dinner (and best view). If you prefer to sit inside, get the front window – you’ll be able to have a beautiful view of Lake Austin.

By Melissa Mann, Staff Writer

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