Killer Style in Killers


Date Night

Ready for “Date Night”? Shortly after Christine Mitchell started her blog N’East Style, she reached out to Skip Brooks, creator of the style blog Alex Grant, in the hopes of starting a collaboration project. Inspired by a post Christine had done on the style of “Jaws,” Skip proposed they recreate outfits from their favorite movies in a “Date Night” series. While Skip puts together the lead male role’s look, Christine handles the lead female. Both outfits appear on “N’East Style” every Friday and Saturday. With a host of avid readers eager to recommend movies, Christine and Skip agreed to sneak Killers in just for us.

Jen Kornfeldt’s Classic Look:
Heigl’s character, Jen Kornfeldt, is a self-professed dork. A computer tech recovering from a bad break-up, she ends up on vacation in Nice, France with her parents instead of her ex. Her outfit in the opening scene is clean and classic – dark jeans, blazer, crisp pink button-down shirt, and a fun strand of pearls.

While at the hotel, she meets the dashing Spencer (played by Ashton Kutcher) who asks her out. Jen frantically purchases a “cute” teeny tiny white dress from a boutique in Nice and shows up to her date looking like a knockout – only to struggle with the restraining fit of the dress for the rest of the evening. You instantly fall for her character and style when she insists on getting rid of the dress because it’s “not her.”

For the rest of the film, Jen’s wardrobe consists of flattering and softly feminine spring dresses, blouses, and pencil skirts. She avoids flashy dressing and knows how to accentuate her figure with perfectly tailored, quality pieces accessorized with delicate jewelry.

Spencer Aimes’ Sharp Vibe:
Kutcher’s character, Spencer Aimes, is sharp, cool, and collected – traits which are attentively reflected in his impeccable wardrobe. Throughout the film, he sports tailored suits, crisp button-downs, straight-cut dark denim, and great leather shoes. Even when he’s running for his life or in the midst of a brutal struggle with an attacker, he still looks put-together.

His incredibly clean-cut look doesn’t read as slick or pretentious. It’s accessible to the average guy and easy to pull off at the office, on a dinner date, or for the weekend. Simply take a more tailored item, like the suit he wears to his first date with Jen, and pair it with more casual items – think Levi’s 501 jeans, or a chambray shirt instead of a starched one – and you have an instant “killer” look.


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