Jewelry. Inspired.

Jewelry. Inspired.

We know what inspires us to buy jewelry. Love. Either for someone else or for our fabulous self. But what inspires jewelers? Here’s a look at three jewelers we love (all with pieces in our Jewelry to Love Boutique) and a window into what inspired some of their latest pieces.  

Paige Novick: The Devinn Bracelet
Paige, a Francophile, has long been inspired by her studies in Paris. A student of art history at the Sorbonne, she interned at Chanel working directly with the great Karl Lagerfeld.

She became owner and creative director of “Frou” by Paige Novick, the contemporary handbag and later clothing brand – and then launched her luxury accessories company.

Paige’s jewelry reflects her effortlessly chic personal style. She loves contrasting elements (masculine and feminine, organic and synthetic, rough and refined). Many of her pieces have a tiny silver or gold snail decoration, a symbol she chose for its “quiet beauty and self-assurance.”

Her Devinn bracelet draws form both nautical and equestrian inspirations. It combines the feminine – metallic gold leather, and the masculine – classic Americana, for a chic, sophisticated effect.

Adia Kibur: Pearl Bib Necklace
Aspiring diplomat Nadia Lee was inspired to change directions when she noticed a young girl wearing a bracelet made from a tiny metal spring while touring a metalworks factory in her family’s native Taiwan.

She loved the creative design and honesty of the piece, and it led her to develop a “spring” bracelet concept (catching the attention of buyers across the globe) and then pioneer a system of jewelry design based on, of all things, guitar strings.

Adia Kibur is based on the idea that fashion has everything to do with a sense of self. Beyond the trends, it’s about character and craftsmanship.

Nadia’s design process involves imagining the individual who will wear the piece. Her identity, aspirations, likes and dislikes all become “paint strokes” in the design process.

The pearl bib necklace began with Michelle Obama as muse. Thinking of the icon who brought pearls to the forefront of the fashion scene, Nadia pushed the envelope a little further for sophisticated and playful women. She saw bibs as an effortless way to bridge day and evening wear – as compelling on a T-shirt as on a gown. Inspired by a vision of starry nights, she introduced random pearls to represent the ethereal elements. To Nadia, the piece represents “chances, dreams, and possibilities.”

R.J. Graziano: Lucite Orb Necklace
Celebrity favorite R.J. Graziano is known for his luxurious, runway-ready pieces.

At the suggestion of Bloomingdale’s, R.J introduced his first collection of jewelry in the prestigious Cul-De-Sac boutique in 1975. Other stores quickly took notice. His work is heavily featured in the glossiest fashion mags we love, and his designs have adorned the likes of Giselle and Julia Roberts.

There is a certain indescribable – and irresistible – quality to his collectible, wearable designs that captures our imagination, and the oversized lucite orbs of this piece are a perfect example. The large, polished spheres surround the neck to attract light and create a glow.

Bold, solid, sparkling – this piece takes its inspiration from poolside Hollywood glamour. We can almost picture the scene poolside at the fabulous Beverly Hills Hotel!


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