From Jamaica, With Love: The Resort Where James Bond Began

Jamaica. It’s an island of pure inspiration. For us, that tends to fall under “I feel inspired to take a nap in the sun all day.” But for novelist Ian Fleming, it’s the inspiration to write (all 14!) of his James Bond novels.

Here, we’ve narrowed down the things to know about the resort where Fleming penned his bestsellers, so you don’t have to go all 007 on your own.


Yes, there are secret coves.
Spanning 52 acres, this property not only has its own lagoon, but also a number of secret coves and private beaches. (So you can hide out in your own super stealthy fashion.)

You can stay in Ian Fleming’s own digs.
Feel a real connection to Fleming and his novels? You can actually stay in the same estate that he did. While you’re there, you’ll be able to see all kinds of prints and memorabilia that pay tribute to his legacy as an author.

Three of the novels are actually based in Jamaica.
Dr. No, Live and Let Die, and The Man with the Golden Gun all take place on this picturesque island.

There’s a lot of “golden” inspiration.
Oracabessa Bay, where the resort is located, actually means “golden head.” And when Fleming was in the navy, one of his operations was code-named GoldenEye. The result? A James Bond novel and this legendary villa.

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By Melissa Mann, Staff Writer

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