Jacket Matchmaker: Outerwear Staples Broken Down by Temp

Some people wear a specific jacket for each season. (Booooring.) Me, on the other hand? I subscribe to the wear-a-new-jacket-every-day method. Yes. Each and every topper has its very own ideal temperature. But don’t feel restricted by these three standbys. Each represents a category all its own.

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50s: It’s just starting to cool off, the humidity is nowhere to be seen, and pumpkin flavors have started appearing, well, everywhere. Even in HERSHEY’S KISSES. (You can thank me later for that last tidbit.) But back to the 50s category. Leather is a staple, of course – but this temp is also a friend to trenches and denim jackets of all kinds.

40s: Once we get down to the 40s, the bite starts to kick in. It’s nothing compared to what’s coming in December, but we won’t think about that right now. This temp usually calls for something cozier than leather, so I reach for those still-super-chic poncho styles. Keep it warmer, like with a wool blend, but this is the best in-between layer around. And, bonus? It feels like you’re wrapped up in your favorite sweater.

30s: Okay. This means it’s officially winter, whether snow has appeared yet or not. And likewise, it’s time to break out the down puffers and fur-trimmed everything. While you’re at it, grab those winter boots, too. Warm enough for commuting and skiing alike, down is a must for any cold weatherer. It also happens to be incredibly breathable, so you’ll never overheat.

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By Abigail Kuzia, Editor

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