It’s a Blogger’s World (We Just Live in It)

1. Pennyweight
Elise Yetton reveals her inspirations (from fashion to interior design) and features additional guest bloggers as curators of cool.

2. Dunk & Crumble
Culinary school graduate Emily tempts our taste buds with decadent pastry recipes and gorgeous imagery to match.

3. lingered upon
Named for a line in one of Alice’s favorite poems, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” this blog is all about photos capturing moments big and small.

World traveler and graphic designer Shini Park divulges her thoughts on everything from food to fashion.

5. Frassy
Check out Audrey’s daily personal style diary – well, just because it’s pretty sweet.

Be on the lookout for more blogs we love every Friday afternoon.


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