Introducing: Spring's Most Perfect Cocktail

Blazing sunshine. Ice-cold fruity cocktails. A comfortably shady patio. Yeah… you could say I’m excited for spring (if it ever decides to hit Boston). Though I typically consider myself to be a wine enthusiast, I find myself craving sweeter, tangier cocktails come warm-weather-and-alfresco season. So instead of turning to my already-chilled sauvignon blanc in the fridge, I’m opting to mix the best of both worlds in this refreshing sangria that all but begs for a wide-brimmed hat and a bathing suit.


Now grab the essentials and get mixing. Our For the Wine Aficionado: Glasses, Gadgets, & More Boutique opens Saturday, March 23, at 11AM ET.

By Abigail Kuzia, Editor

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