Introducing Rue Boston


Rue Boston

A few years ago – right here in Boston – we dreamed of creating an online destination where Members would discover everything they coveted for a life of style, at the most envy-inducing prices imaginable. Now we’re taking this vision closer to home. Enter Rue Local, delivering everything you always wanted (and some things you never even imagined) for your very stylish life, right where you live.

Starting with Boston, we’re expanding neighborhood by neighborhood. We’re combing your city for the very best in food, fashion, entertainment, and more. You can expect unrivaled insider access to our hand-picked local hotspots, must-sees, and can’t-live-withouts every day.

If you live near Boston, be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for our daily Rue Boston Pick.

Even if you’re not in Boston, we hope you’ll take a peek to see what’s in store when we reach your city. And be sure to tell us where you live so we can send you an email when we arrive.

Rue Boston


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