Say Cheers to Jayla Siciliano: The Brains Behind Bon Affair

Summer is upon us, which means it’s time to break out chilled wines that pair well with heat and humidity. But uncorking at the park, the beach, and the café can add up in terms of calories, which is precisely what inspired always-active former fashion insider Jayla Siciliano to create Bon Affair, a brand of high-quality, low-calorie wine spritzers. (The best part? They’re loaded with electrolytes.) Here, Jayla talks about finding success with Bon Affair on the TV show Shark Tank and what’s next for her fledgling business.

Jayla Siciliano of Bon Affair Wines

Image via Jayla Siciliano

Rue La La: What’s special about Bon Affair?
Jayla Siciliano: What makes Bon Affair unique is its dry, crisp flavor profile. It’s not sticky-sweet (I try to steer clear of sugar bombs), and it’s great by itself or for making cocktails. I put a full FDA nutritional panel on the bottle so people can read exactly what’s in there.

RLL: What was it like being on Shark Tank?
JS: The exposure from the show has been incredible. And the support from [Shark Tank judge] Mark [Cuban] and his team has been amazing.

RLL: How did you decide on the name “Bon Affair”?
JS:  I started playing around with our “Vice Meets Virtue” tagline and realized that the “good” (water and electrolytes) and the “bad” (wine) are in the same bottle having an “affair.”  Bon means “good” and this is a good affair, so I called it Bon Affair.

RLL: Do you have any plans to branch out or expand your business/products?
JS: Aside from healthy, boutique spa hotels (which are, unfortunately, not in the near future), we do have a Chardonnay developed and are working on a Rosé, and possibly a Moscato. The really exciting news is that we have a new aluminum single-serving bottle launching this summer. It’s cute, convenient, and eco-friendly.

RLL: What do you like to do when you’re not growing and nurturing Bon Affair?
JS: Well, I don’t think I’ve left my desk since the show aired, but when I do, I  go to Core Power Yoga. I also love walking my dogs, hanging with my amazing husband, and, occasionally, going to the beach. I’m pretty obsessed with my business so I look at Bon Affair as my adventure. It’s certainly been the most challenging, but also the most fun.

Our Bon Affair Wine Spritzers Boutique opens Wednesday, June 4, at 11AM ET.

By Lindsay Lambert, Editor

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