Inside Rue: An Intern’s Behind-the-Scenes Scoop

As an avid Rue La La shopper, when it came time to look for a summer internship in Boston, Rue was at the top of my list. I mean, who wouldn’t love to work with a company that’s fun and totally obsessed with fashion? When I got here, however, I discovered a lot more I would have never known as just a Member. Here’s a list of my favorite things:

Best-Dressed Office Award
The first thing I noticed when I started at Rue is that the associates really do dress as well as you’d imagine. Every day I see a coworker’s ensemble and get ideas for myself. Arm parties and maxi dresses are practically a uniform in the summer.

Associate Sample Sales Are Real
Once a month, everyone frantically lines up in the café (secretly eyeing the handbags in the back) until they’re given the go signal. After that, everything’s fair game. I’ve seen designer gowns bartered for, entire linen closets outfitted from top to bottom, and I’ve personally snagged enough cooking supplies to fill my dorm kitchen.

Work Hard, Shop Harder
I overhear people talking about the dress they just ordered or how their entire outfit is from our site all the time. You know it’s a good sign when the associates are as excited about their finds as our Members are.

Sugar = Food for Fashion
I figured out that our secret to keeping everything running smoothly is sugar. We have one candy machine that dispenses M&Ms with our logo, and another with rainbow-colored gumballs. Confession: I can hear every time the M&Ms machine is used from my desk, and believe me, we eat a ton.

By Katie Donham, Merchandising Intern

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