Insta-Gold: @Copylab Shakes Up History with Fashion

The term “art history” brings back near-torturous memories of freshman year. But take those iconic (and yes, occasionally yawn-inducing) works of art and add luxury items? Now you have my attention, and that of the hilarious Instagram account @copylab.

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Georgetown student Chris Helas created @copylab to superimpose trending brands and fashion icons onto historic paintings. The result? Some serious LOLs. For example, Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring becomes Girl with a Chanel Earring. The Birth of Venus? Add a glittered Nasty Gal one-piece swimsuit and you get Venus, Clothed.

If only Instagram had been around during my college years, I might have had a different opinion of art history – and an A in the class. Regardless, I can’t wait to see what Chris comes up with next. Might I suggest Mona Lisa with a Louis?

By Mairead McGonagle, Staff Writer

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