Insider Tip: Beating the 11:07 Blues

We’ve all been there. You’re casually skimming your email at 11:07AM ET, and then suddenly: the panic. The horror. The dread. Your favorite, cannot-live-without, go-to brand is in the subject line of your Rue email. In a Boutique that opened seven whole minutes ago.

You click in, all the while saying silent prayers to the Fashion Gods, “I promise, if there are still jeans in my size, I will dry clean all my clothes like the labels instruct,” or, “Please, please, please, let those shoes I’ve been dying for be in there.”

Going into survival mode, you block out all distractions as you scroll through the Boutique. With every bar slide down, the SOLD OUT dots pile up, and you sit, deflated, kicking yourself (with your not-so-new shoes). How could you have missed this Boutique? You’ve been scheming entire outfits around it for days.

Here’s how to conquer the severe case of the 11:07’s:

Set an Email Reminder
After you’ve successfully placed your orders for the day, take a look at the calendar under “Coming Soon.”  Hovering over the brand that catches your eye, you’ll see a blue “Remind Me” link. Checking off a brand will shoot you an email two hours prior to the Boutique opening (it’s like your own personal assistant).

Receive a Text Message 
If you’re not glued to your inbox, an email might not cut it. In the same check off for email reminders, you can also receive SMS messages to your cell phone.

Schedule “Meeting” Time on Outlook 
In extreme cases, there have been the Confessions of a Business Woman: I have blocked off 11AM ET on my calendar and shut the door to my office. Even at Rue headquarters, there is furious shopping from conference rooms at 11AM ET.

Shop On-The-Go
Maybe you have class at 11AM. Maybe you have an appointment you can’t miss (or someone scheduled a meeting despite your Outlook block). You can always bring us with you by downloading our iPhone app – or if you’re more of the Droid/Blackberry type, hit us up on

Let the squeals of joy begin.

By Amy Bootier, Customer Concierge Guru

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