Julia Lundin/Laise Leal
Credit: Julia Lundin/Laise Leal

10 Fresh Ways to Wear a Silk Scarf

The one accessory you need now (and might even already have)? A silk scarf. In warm weather, it's less about keeping toasty and more about making a statement. Invest in one that you love – it's such a great piece to go vintage on – and wear it in unexpected ways.

Kasey Rowe Fashion Editor


We’ve shown you how to tie one, how to braid one, and how to belt one. But we’ve got a few more ideas up our sleeves about the best ways to wear your favorite silk scarf. Listen and learn, ladies.

Credit: Julia Lundin

As a Bracelet

The comfiest bangle you ever did wear.

Credit: Song of Style

As a Necktie

Channel your inner Parisienne by tying a simple knot and letting the ends hang out in front or to the side, whichever you prefer.

Credit: Laise Leal

As a Hair Tie

Although you probably need to use a real rubber band to anchor your bun in place, the scarf adds a nice extra touch.

Credit: Grasie Mercedes

As a Headband

Loose and easy and ready for the weekend.

Credit: The Blonde Salad

As a Full Hair Wrap

Post-workout drinks? Go from the gym to happy hour without looking like a dry-shampoo-drenched nightmare.

Credit: Fashion Squad

As a Necklace

Best when used with a skinny scarf looped once around the neck.

Credit: The Girl from Panama

As a Purse Accoutrement

Far classier than those furry key chains everyone seems to have right now.

Credit: Carly Tati

As a Pocket Square

Borrow from the boys and dress up your workweek blazer with a hint of color.

Credit: Pandora Sykes

As a Belt

Pairs particularly well with high-waisted, 70s-inspired jeans.

Credit: Ellen Claesson

As a Bandana

Kind of a no-brainer. But we give you full permission to go full cowgirl. (Just maybe stick to a sophisticated pattern.)

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