The Faux Bob: A Hairstyle to Be Thankful For

Take a breather – doing your hair for Thanksgiving tomorrow is going to be a whole lot easier than baking that apple pie was. Unconvinced? Check out this quick step-by-step tutorial for a faux bob. On-trend and low-maintenance (so you can worry about the turkey instead of flyaways), it’s one hairstyle you can give thanks for.

How to Style Hair – Faux Bob

Step 1: Create a loose curl on your hair’s top layer with a 1.5” curling iron.

Step 2: Slightly tease the back crown of your hair for added volume.

Step 3: Create a loose braid, allowing shorter pieces to fall out naturally. If needed, touch them up with the curling iron.

Step 4: Roll the braid and tuck it under the nape of your neck. Use bobby pins to secure and spritz with hairspray.

See? Easy.

By Carolyn Bothwell, Staff Writer 

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