How to Rock Black Lipstick – Just Like Nikia Phoenix

The last time you saw black lipstick was on angsty teenage mall rats. But since Fashion Week, the look has been a lot less goth and a lot more chic. (For proof, see model and blogger Nikia Phoenix.)

Lucky for you, this costume-clad week brings endless Halloween soirees to try it out. But that’s only the test run. Swap the costume for your favorite GNO outfit and follow these simple, foolproof rules to wear this bold look on the weekend.

Black Lipstick

1. Let your lips do the talking ­with a matte black or rich, high-quality color. “Black Knight” by MAC,  “Black Orchid” by MAKE UP STORE, and the Portland Black Lipstick company’s longtime standby are all worth a try. Then keep the rest of your makeup simple.

2. Color inside the lines. (The motto of your childhood.) A liner with this look is a necessity to keep a crisp, polished lip. Don’t want to purchase something extra? A fine black liner will get the job done. In fact, Nikia recommends simply using the liner all over your lips and topping it with a dab of clear gloss.

3. Stay bold. To avoid losing color mid-party, add a primer to your lips prior to application. Finish with a translucent powder for anti-smudge results.

By Carolyn Bothwell, Staff Writer

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