Mind the Gap: How to Keep a Button-Front Shirt from Puckering

Button-front shirts are a fail-safe way to look professional at work. Cruelly, they’re also notorious for puckering, which can undermine a hard-working girl’s office cred (hello, indecent exposure). But smart shopping, clothing care, and a few quick tricks are all you need to keep things all buttoned up.

how to keep shirt from puckering

Buy for your size. The foremost cause of puckering is a poor fit – specifically, a shirt that’s too small. If your proportions are mismatched, buy according to your bust size, which will ensure a nice, flat placket. Take the shirt to a tailor to rein in any extra inches around your waist, hips, and arms. (Et voilà – you’re now rocking a custom-made shirt to boot.)

Get the perfect press. Still haven’t learned to properly wield an iron? It’s time. A crisp, smooth press will result in far fewer gaps than a rumpled approach.

Use tape. Some shirts have a tendency to pucker no matter what (blame it on bad posture). Apply a few pieces of double-sided clothing tape to the placket between buttons to keep your shirt smooth whatever your position.

Perform first aid with accessories. If your favorite button-front constantly betrays you but you just can’t bear to throw it out, try a different tactic. Put a pretty camisole on underneath it and leave the shirt undone from the offending button upward (or completely). Finish with a necklace that hits mid-décolleté for a look that’s totally intentional.

By Lindsay Lambert, Editor

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