Fresh Tips: 6 Ways to Make a Manicure Last Longer

It may sound silly, but chipping a nail after a fresh manicure can be devastating. Want to avoid that sinking feeling? Make your polish last with the tips below.

6 Ways to Make a Manicure Last Longer


1. Shorter is Better
I don’t know how Lady Gaga keeps her talons looking so great – long nails tend to break much easier than short nails. File your nails to about a quarter of an inch past your fingertips so they are just short enough to avoid chipping.

2. Apply Base and Top Coats
A base coat will keep the colored polish sticking to the nail, while a top coat seals the color and makes sure it won’t go anywhere. To be extra safe, throw a bottle of top coat into your purse and apply daily.

3. Keep Them Clean
Use nail-polish remover to remove any oils or lotions from your nails before you start painting. Clean nails help the polish adhere better.

4. Get Rid of Old Polish
When you open up your polish, does it look gooey? If so, it’s got to go. Old polish clumps together and almost never dries. Just think: the more old bottles you toss, the more room you have for new ones. Store polish upright in a cool place to keep it fresh.

5. Avoid Water
I’m not saying don’t wash your hands (ew), but be cautious. It’s your turn to wash the dishes? Throw on a pair of rubber gloves to protect your new manicure. Unless, of course, you’re rocking a gel manicure. That shellac sure won’t be phased by a little water.

6. Go with Glitter
You want a manicure that won’t go anywhere? (And I mean anywhere.) Glitter polish is the answer. It attaches to the nail and is almost impossible to chip. And when you’re ready to bid farewell to your sparkly tips, there are easy removal steps.

By Carolyn Schultz, Staff Writer

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