How 18 Celebrities Know—& Are Friends with—the Royal Family
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How 18 Celebrities Know—& Are Friends with—the Royal Family

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How do David and Victoria Beckham know the British royal family? What about Priyanka Chopra? Or Cara Delevingne? There are dozens of stars who are somehow in the royals’ inner circles, but how did they get there? To find out, we investigated these connections to Prince William, Queen Elizabeth II and other important royals.

Some of their stories are obvious (they work for the same charity as a royal) while others are more shocking (they’ve secretly dated someone in Kensington Palace). Whatever their story is and however they became added to the royals’ exclusive royal-wedding-invite list, these stars definitely have a story to tell about how their relationships with the royals came to be. Learn about 18 of them ahead.

Cara Delevingne

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Delevingne was a guest at Princess Eugenie’s wedding. The model-turned-actor has two connections. The first is Prince Harry whom she met in 2015 at a party hosted by Suki Waterhouse. (Delevingne claimed she didn’t realize she was hanging out with Prince Harry for at least a half hour.) The two became so close that they sparked dating rumors in 2015, and in 2017, Delevingne and her Suicide Squad costar, Margot Robbie, prank-called Prince Harry.

But the model is also close with Princess Eugenie. They’re reportedly members of the same high-class gym in London, Grace Belgravia, and Delevingne also starred in the 2017 film Tulip Fever alongside one of Eugenie’s best friends, Chelsea Davys.

Tom Hardy

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Hardy’s connection to the royals is through Prince Harry and William. The actor became an ambassador for Prince Charles’s charity, the Prince’s Trust, in 2010, which Harry and William are also in charge of. The charity focuses on aid for disadvantaged young people between the ages of 11 and 30 struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. “I became an Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust to show my support for its work with tens of thousands of disadvantaged young people every year. It’s so important to me that they get the life-changing second chance that I had,” Hardy said about the trust.

Serena Williams

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Williams is one of Markle’s most well-known celebrity friends, so it’s no surprise she attended her wedding in May 2018. But how did they meet? The two first became friends at a charity Super Bowl event hosted by DirecTV in 2014, where they instantly hit it off. “We are both the same age, have a penchant for hot sauces, and adore fashion, but what connects us more than those things is perhaps our belief in exceeding expectations—our endless ambition,” Markle wrote on her now-deleted blog, The Tig.

The two have remained friends ever since, with Williams telling reporters at Wimbledon 2017 that the two have “always supported” each other. “We have always supported each other, just been there for each other through a lot,” she said.

Priyanka Chopra

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Chopra and Markle first met at Elle’s Women in Television dinner in 2016. (Markle was starring on Suits, while Chopra was starring on Quantico.) “We bonded as actors. We just became friends, like two girls would,” Chopra told People.

Turns out, their friendship was based on Chopra’s love for Markle’s show, Suits. “She has become a really good friend. Elle magazine in the U.S. hosted a dinner celebrating Women in TV, and we met that night—turns out that she really likes Suits,” Markle told India West.

The two have remained close friends since their first meeting, catching Hamilton on Broadway together and going out for girls’ night outs, so it makes sense that Chopra scored an invite to Markle’s royal wedding in May 2018 and is officially a part of the royal inner circle.

James Blunt

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Blunt and Prince Harry go way back. The two served alongside each other as officers in the British Army in the mid-2000s and have kept in contact ever since. Per The Sun, the singer was also personally invited by Harry to attend the Invictus Games. Aside from his own connections, Blunt’s wife, Sofia Wellesley, also has a relationship with the royals. Wellesley is the daughter of Lord and Lady John Henry Wellesley, and the granddaughter of the eighth Duke of Wellington.

Idris Elba

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Like Hardy, Elba is also an ambassador for Prince Charles’s charity, the Prince’s Trust, which is likely how he scored an invite to Prince Harry’s wedding in May 2018. But Elba doesn’t only have a business relationship with the charity. He also has a personal one.

In 2013, Elba wrote an essay in The Mirror about his relationship with the trust and how it helped him as a teen with little financial means but dreams of attending the National Youth Music Theatre to become an actor. “It was The Prince’s Trust who made it possible. They gave me a £1,500 grant and set me on the path that would eventually change my life,” Elba wrote. “This is why I’m such a passionate ambassador for The Prince’s Trust.” So while he may not be super close to Meghan and Harry, he does have a strong connection to the royal family.

George And Amal Clooney

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Though George and Harry share the same hairstylist, Miguel Martin Perez, that’s not how they met. Instead, they met two years ago at a private charity function in the U.K. and have been friends ever since, according to a source for E! News. The meeting was around the same time Harry began dating Markle, so when the couple became serious, it was time for Harry to introduce her to his friends. One of his first stops was George and Amal.

“When he started getting serious with Meghan, Harry introduced her to George and Amal,” the source said. “And the couple quickly started hanging out regularly.” Now that the foursome is super close, the Clooneys are so integrated in the royals’ inner circle that Amal was Markle’s go-to guide when she moved to London. “Amal has been helping Meghan settle into London life,” a source told People. “It was a very natural friendship from day one.”

Elton John

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John has been a family friend of the royals since long before Prince Harry and William were even born, so it was no surprise that he attended (and performed at!) Harry’s wedding in May 2018.

He first met the royals in the ’70s when Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother were fans of his music and invited him to art events and concerts hosted by Charles’s the Prince’s Trust. “He had remained for years on the guest lists of parties at Buckingham Palace and, again according to reports, at one such event jived with the Queen to Bill Haley’s hit ‘Rock Around the Clock,’” the Independent reported.

The singer eventually met Princess Diana at Prince Andrew’s 21st birthday in 1981, where the two became instant friends. “When I arrived, there was no one there but the dance band and Princess Diana. We danced the Charleston alone on the floor for 20 minutes,” he wrote in his biography. After that, he became close friends with Princess Anne and even the Queen. Since that meeting, he has performed at Princess Diana’s funeral and attended several royal weddings, including, of course, Harry and Markle’s.

Ellie Goulding

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Goulding surprised fans when she performed at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011 after meeting William at a concert a year earlier. “I met William at a festival last year, funnily enough, introduced to me by Tinie (Tempah). I knew they were fans of the album and then I got a phone call a while ago,” Goulding told NME.

There are also rumors that Goulding and Prince Harry dated after they reconnected at a charity event three years later. “Harry and Ellie only had eyes for each other all night,” a source told The Sun. “But there’s already a lot of talk amongst friends that the palace wouldn’t allow her as a serious girlfriend because of her celebrity background.” This might explain why Goulding was missing from Harry’s wedding, but was one of the celebrity guests at Princess Eugenie’s a couple months later.

Demi Moore

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When Moore attended Princess Eugenie’s wedding in 2018, fans wondered why she was there. According to The Mirror, it’s because of a somewhat “saucy” reason: Moore and Eugenie’s mom, Sarah Ferguson, became friends after the duchess developed an interest in Kabbalah, which Moore practices. After the two became close friends, rumor has it that Ferguson decided to match-make Moore with her ex-husband, Prince Andrew. It’s unclear if they actually dated, but it somewhat explains why she was at Eugenie’s wedding.

Victoria And David Beckham

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The Beckhams have attended both Prince William and Prince Harry’s weddings over the years. But how did they get invited in the first place? Well, according to Vogue, William and David became friends a while back when they worked together on London’s 2012 Olympics bid. (Though William and Kate married in 2011, David and Beckham met years earlier to work on an Olympics plan, which is likely how they got an invite.) The Beckhams have been able to keep their royal connection over the years working with William on more campaigns, including the royals’ anti-poaching campaign, #WhoseSideAreYouOn, in 2014.

Carey Mulligan And Marcus Mumford

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Mulligan’s invite to Prince Harry and Markle’s wedding in 2018 came through her husband, Mumford and Sons member Marcus Mumford. Per Marie Claire U.K., Mumford and Harry met in 2013 when the prince attended the musician’s concert with his ex-girlfriend, Cressida Bonas. After the concert, Mumford invited both Bonas and Harry backstage where they hit it off and became friends. “[He] had quite a lengthy chat with Marcus and his wife, Carey Mulligan, who were in good spirits post-show,” a source told Marie Claire U.K.

The two even hugged before parting ways. That helps explain how Mulligan and Mumford scored an invite to the wedding of the century in 2018.

James Corden

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It’s unclear how they met exactly, but Corden and Prince Harry have been close friends for more than seven years. The late-night host dished on his royal relationship on his show, The Late Late Show, after he attended Prince Harry and Markle’s wedding in May. “I’ve known Prince Harry about seven years now and it was wonderful. It was one of the most beautiful ceremonies I’ve ever been to. It was gorgeous, it was a whole affair, it was happy, it was joyous, it was uplifting.”

Though we’re not sure how close Corden actually is to the royals, he must be somewhat of a regular, considering he arrived at Harry and Markle’s private wedding reception dressed as King Henry VIII. “James Corden came in last, arriving in a Henry VIII costume, saying he didn’t know what to wear to a royal wedding,” a source told People. “He had taken notes all the way through the day. He was making quips about that.”

Naomi Campbell

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Campbell doesn’t have a definitive connection to the royal family, but she is close friends with Sarah Ferguson, which is likely how she got invited to Princess Eugenie’s (Ferugson’s daughter) wedding. It’s unclear how Campbell and Ferguson met, but many believe it’s from running in the same charity circles. The duchess was even seen walking in Campbell’s Fashion for Relief show in 2015. Their relationship likely goes back even further than that, given that Princess Eugenie and Beatrice were seen cheering on the model at a Fashion for Relief show in 2008. The charity circuit is also likely how the royals know Campbell’s close friend, Kate Moss, who also attended Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

Liv Tyler

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Tyler confused fans when she attended Princess Eugenie’s wedding in October 2018. Turns out, the actor herself doesn’t have a relationship with the royals but her fiancé does. Tyler is engaged to British businessman Dave Gardner, who is family friends with the Duke and Duchess of York, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, parents of Princess Eugenie. That’s the answer to how she scored an invite.

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