Watch the Eggnog: The Holiday Etiquette Guide

It’s the best of times – and also the most delicate, awkward, and anxiety-inducing of times.

With just five nights to go before Christmas Eve, here are five tips to get you through the holiday season without missteps.

Dear Rue: Holiday Etiquette Tips

1. Go easy on the spiked eggnog. No one remembers (and endlessly repeats) embarrassing-behavior stories like family. No one.

2. Always be gracious. So Aunt Edna got you socks instead of that Alexander McQueen clutch you desperately wanted. She didn’t have to get you a gift to begin with. Just say thank you – and keep the gift receipt.

3. Consider small gifts or tips. They take care of your children, walk your dog, fix that broken radiator in your apartment. Thank them for everything they’ve done with a small gift or tip. Seriously, what would you do without them? Check out Emily Post for a great look at what’s appropriate for each person.

4. Avoid regifting. You have enough drama to worry about during the holidays. Don’t add even more. If you absolutely must regift, however, at least keep these tips in mind.

5. BCC is your holiday BFF. If you want to send a holiday card (which is not, I repeat, not obligatory), and you’re concerned about the expense, consider an ecard. But if you do send an ecard, just don’t forget to put all of the email addresses into the handy BCC field to avoid any problems or hurt feelings. That you’d probably then have to confront in the midst of holiday craziness. In front of the entire family. And relive every holiday after that. (See #1.) You’ve been warned.

By Shaina Malkin, Copyeditor

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