Hey There, Honey: 5 Summer Health & Beauty Uses for This Sweet Snack

1. Boost your energy for exercise. Whether drizzled on toast or eaten straight from the jar (just not all of it, please), the antioxidants, vitamins, and sugar in honey mimic sports drinks, giving you a burst of extra energy before or after your workouts.

2. Get your voice back after belting out your favorite songs. Whether it happened during karaoke or outdoors at a live show, a teaspoon of honey in hot tea helps soothe sore throats and restore lost voices.

3. Clear complexions with a face mask. Whip up this DIY Banana Honey Face Mask to clear up skin (and get a seriously fresh glow) in a pinch.

4. Use it as a lip balm. Hydrate sun-chapped lips with a dab of honey – keep extra on hand in case you find yourself eating most of it. (Guilty as charged.)

5. Give cocktails a sweet kick. Nothing brightens a summer day quite like refreshing sips of this honey citrus cocktail on your porch or roof deck.

– By Melissa Mann, Staff Writer

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