Thank Goodness for Spring

Let’s all take a deep cleansing breath, shall we? Camille Styles here, and today I’m kicking off my month of guest editing here on Rue La La by sharing a few of my favorite ways to refresh and renew for the new season. Life gets hectic, and it’s so important to take a moment to be still and savor the beauty of spring’s arrival as it begins to unfold around us. Here’s how I’ll be doing it this year:
Pack a picnic full of fresh, seasonal ingredients, and head to the park. Take along a great book and spend an hour basking in the sunshine, breathing in the scent of the earth reawakening with new growth. My picnic of choice includes a few slices of cranberry-walnut bread, a wedge of great cheese, a jar of olives, fresh berries, and a small bar of dark chocolate. A bottle of Pellegrino if I’m headed back to work; Pinot Grigio if I’m not!

daffodilsBring home a bouquet of daffodils from your local flower shop. Their pop of bright yellow instantly transforms a dining or coffee table into a spring-worthy space, and there’s nothing better than their sweet fragrance greeting you at the door upon arriving home. Simply arrange in a glass pitcher or a row of small bud vases for maximum impact.

farmers marketHead to the farmers’ market and stock up on fresh vegetables for preparing healthy meals. There’s nothing like having a fridge full of produce to make me want to cook veggie-centric dishes, and the warm spring temperatures make big, colorful salads and stir-fries so appealing. For a party, try making my vegetable crudité with arugula pesto, or start the day with an energy-boosting lean green smoothie.

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