Still Standing: The Spray That Eliminates High-Heel Pain

Fact: My feet hate me. After years of living by a higher-is-always-better motto when it comes to heels, my sweet feet are feeling the pain. But, bunions be damned, saying goodbye to my sky-high stilettos just isn’t an option.

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Sure, if have a big tote, I’ll throw in a pair of flats and whip them out in moments of pure, aching desperation. If I’m carrying a clutch, though, you guessed it – I’m wearing those babies all night long. But now, it looks like my self-imposed high-heel torture could actually be a thing of the past. Fellow stiletto lovers, say hello to “Heel No Pain.” Claiming to relieve foot aches associated with our beloved pumps for up to three hours, this spray is the answer every vertically challenged woman has been waiting for. (Including yours truly, so it better turn up in my stocking, Santa.)

So, okay, numbing the pain of wearing high heels isn’t actually going to fix any damage I’ve already caused my poor feet. And sure, it will probably just make it worse, seeing that I’ll now be wearing heels more often. But, you know… small details.

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By Keriann Coffey, Associate Editor 

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