Know Your Heels: The Differences Between Stiletto, Block, & Kitten

Women we may be, but that doesn’t mean we’re born with a thorough knowledge of all things lady-related. This is particularly true when it comes to heels. Sure, we wear them often. But do you know why the kitten heel was originally invented? In case you’re wondering, it was to help teach young girls in the 1950s how to walk with a heel. Who knew? Here are the main distinguishing points to note:



  • Can reach up to 8 inches in height
  • Defined by the heel’s small diameter


  • Characterized by its chunky look, whether low or high
  • Equal width from top to bottom


  • Never higher than 2 inches
  • Located at the back of the sole, directly in the middle of the heel

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By Abigail Kuzia, Editor

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